One Month

I’ve completed one month of read the Bible every day. I am on schedule to finish by Christmas, with a little extra reading around the holidays. So far, I’ve been most engaged by the Old Testament readings. Partly because I am now a lawyer, I think I can appreciate reading the code and searching for meaning behind it. Also, so much of it enriches my understanding of the Gospels, particularly the emphasis on ritual cleanliness.

It has also been good to see the ideological conflicts preserved in the Old and New Testaments. It sort of ratifies my understanding of the Judeo-Christian traditions as a conversation.

I am trying to use the Psalms as an opportunity to meditate, but find that it has been hard to do that. I am very anxious to hear the next bit of Gospel or Moses. I give myself a passing grade on not just using this as a chance to build up ammunition to use against literalists, but I must admit I don’t deserve an A on this score.

I think Paul’s letters will be more challenging, but actually, we don’t get to them for a while. (Not more morally challenging–I just read a bit about when a rape victim should be stoned to death for failing to cry out–but just more challenging because they contain some pretty subtle theology.)

I’ve greatly enjoyed the feedback and the feeling of progress.

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