I think the point of the sermon will be to discuss various ways we, as a church and as individuals, experience the let down after a high point.

First, we have to roll up our sleeves and get to work, literally. As in, we have people to feed, a building to build, children to teach, gospel to preach. We all have to keep contributing. There is so much good to do.

I’m thinking I only need to spend a few minutes on this. I like to talk about the role of mission work a lot. I think it is so valuable.

Second, we need to move beyond the ecstasy of the mystery in our spiritual development. This is what the apostles were faced with in front of the Sanhedrin. It was no longer just about hallelujahs. They had to justify their faith.

Notice they did not rely on the Torah to proclaim this new thing. They relied on the Holy Spirit, which must have felt a little bit like they were working without a net. But they were certain about their faith. Now, to be certain about your faith is not easy, but it is necessary if you’re going to spread it.

Third, is really another aspect of the second. For as bad as it is for a movement to have an unexamined faith, it is devastating for an individuals. We cannot have aspects of our faith that we treat like the Emperor’s clothes. We cannot have things that we are afraid to question.

I promise, on the other side of the doubt and questioning, God will still be there.

The final point is where we are headed. When our backs our tired from helping other people. When our message is heard, and when our spirit is fed by this examination. When we do these things we will be on a course to change the world. We will be moving from Resurrection to Revolution.

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Jim II, I don’t quite know what I am doing but I would like to briefly respond. Your comments reveal the radical nature of the maessage of Jesus. It is hard to maintain a radical perspective and be an institutional group at the same time. The radical is needed in a society that sees the church as being more respectable than relevant.

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