Poetic Evaluation of Our New Building

On the right you will find a link to Desert Moon Review. Jim Corner is the founder of that poetry site and the author of this work, which is a reaction to Chalice’s blessing of its new building.

Progressive Place of Worship

We’re missionaries, a thinking quarter
with the audacity to challenge a mixture
of traditional and mega-cathedrals;
constructing our way armed with reason
and faith in Jesus and Locke, in a simpler,
more hospitable message. An inclusive
embrace is offered to all, humbly,
without prejudice or judgement;
an intention of unconditional love.

Our goal calls forth: disciples bearing
social justice, racial resolution, theological
integrity and inclusive reception. Given
our yoke of geological distance, eventful
personal schedules and sacrificial sharing,
Chalice Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
is raised and now unbolted to serve all people.

May we as a faithful flock, in this new
sanctuary, follow God to find a growing
perceptive, a new wisdom: “questions
are as important as answers”
and “we can’t be human alone.”

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