Pope Agrees with Matt

My good friend Matt has for a while asserted that I am not a member of the same religion as fundamentalist Christians. According to the Pope, Matt is right. The Pope isn’t the only one who agrees with Matt. Here is a treatment of some others. The backward movement of the Catholic Church makes me especially sad because I expect more from it. A church with so much tradition, the keeper of so much knowledge and such a history of good works should do better. I just wish it would stop it.

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To be fair, the Pope actually think I practice a different, lesser religion than Catholics, not fundamentalists. He presumably thinks the fundamentalists and I basically practice essentially the same mutant hocus pocus.

The document, issued by a Vatican watchdog, has been criticised as offensive by some Protestants.

I find this really funny. The Pope says that Protestants are not really the same thing as Catholics and the Protestants get all unhappy.

Umm… did those unhappy Protestants miss the entire history of the Western world when they — the Protestants — made a kind of a stink by saying that they weren’t Catholics anymore? What are they complaining about? Aside from the Pope saying he thinks he’s right about his church being the right one (and Hello, he’s the POPE!), he’s just taken his own sweet time agreeing with them.

This is a turn away from Vatican II, which was a big move toward accepting other Christian churches as separated brethren in Christ.

This Pope has now offended Muslims, Jews and Protestants. He seems to be working hard to restore animonsity between the Catholic church and other believers. It is an obnoxious path to take.

So … I suppose.

I mean, he’s the Pope Jim. The infallible Word of God on Earth. You knew before today that he thinks Lutherans are not correct about God and Jesus.

If I’d asked you yesterday, “Hey Jim, does the Pope think Jews are in good with God?” You would have said, “Nope, he pretty much thinks they’re screwed.”

Why is it so shocking that he’s willing to say what we know he thinks?

If I’d asked you yesterday, “Hey Jim, does the Pope think Jews are in good with God?” You would have said, “Nope, he pretty much thinks they’re screwed.”

For the record, that is not how I would have responded. As indidcated by the title of the post, I would have been wrong.

I know a lot of Catholics that reject the notion that only Catholics have the truth. In many denomination, the more you go “up” the spiritual chain of command, the less likely you are to find people who profess absolutist beliefs. So, I would not have assumed the Pope would have such a belief.

I’d like to hear from other Catholics on this. For me, this is the question: Is the Pope’s move away from Vatican II and rejection of ecumenical values 1) new for the Church? and 2)bothersome for you as a Catholic?

I know Catholics who answer yes to both. But, as we see time and time again, we basically all know people like us. So there you go.

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