Proverbs 22-24

In this selection are Thirty Wise Sayings, a collected of 30 wise sayings.  Interestingly enough, the Spanish and English translations number them differently. 

Here is a paraphrase of the 30 sayings from the English numbering.  Most of these are a handful of stanzas, so are only two lines and some are a dozen lines or so.  But here’s my summary:

  1. Pay attention to what I’ve said
  2. Don’t exploit the poor
  3. Don’t hang out with thugs
  4. Don’t get into debt
  5. Don’t move the boundary stone
  6. People with a marketable skill will be valued
  7. If you eat with a ruler, don’t pick up his fancy habits
  8. Don’t obsess over obtaining wealth
  9. Don’t eat with a begrudging host
  10. Don’t talk to fools
  11. Don’t move the boundary stone
  12. Seek wisdom
  13. Discipline your children
  14. Wisdom makes you glad
  15. Don’t envy sinners
  16. Don’t be a drunk or glutton
  17. Listen to your parents
  18. Beware of adulterous women
  19. Don’t be a drunk
  20. Don’t envy sinners
  21. Wisdom is your foundation
  22. The Wise will prevail
  23. Fools cannot understand wisdom
  24. Evil plans will be disturbed
  25. You are measure by your response to trouble
  26. Wisdom is a sweet for your soul as honey for your lips
  27. The righteous will get up in response to trouble, but the evil are destroyed
  28. Don’t rejoice when your enemies fail
  29. Don’t fret the plans of evildoers, they will fail
  30. Fear the LORD and your King; rebels will be destroyed.

It feels like a good summary of Proverbs in pace and content.

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