Ps. 81, 88, 91, 92

 So, let me take back a bit of what I said about the Psalms.  They don’t ordinarily speak to me the way Paul or the Sermon on the mount, or the OT stories do.  However, they are super important for providing the notion of intimacy with God.  Without them, there really isn’t much in the OT that distinguishes God from my vision of Zeus.

Psalm 81 – Interesting because it includes what seems to be an ecstatic experience.  The message, however, is pretty ordinary: Follow YHWH and you win.

Psalm 88 – Wow, this is an emotional one.  A complete God why have you forsaken me kind of psalm.  It closes with this, “You have taken from me friend and neighbor.  Now, Darkness is my closest friend.”  Ps. 88:18.

Psalm 91 – This guy needs to check in on Psalm 88 guy.  Psalm 91 is all about the awesome power of God and how just looking at the wicked punishes them.  This one is from the Praise Hymnal.

Psalm 92 – Same as 91.  YHWH is my rock and rolls my blues away.  Ps. 92:15 (paraphrase)

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