Psalms 111-118

Psalm 111 – the glory of the Lord is everlasting
Psalm 112 – the glory of the Lord strikes fear in evil hearts
Psalm 113 – YHWH is lord of all nations; he makes the motherless child feel as good as one with children.
Psalm 114 – YHWH is so powerful natural forces like rivers, seas and mountain flee from YHWH
Psalm 115 – YHWH is way better than stupid idols
Psalm 116 – I cried out and God helped me
Psalm 117 – All nations praise YHWH
Psalm 118 – God endures forever; particular within the house of Aaron.

What interested me, is that both Psalm 115 and 118 reference the “House of Aaron.” teaches me that it is a phrase also used in Psalm 135.  And of course, we know that Aaron sneaks into the list of houses of Israel at the end of First Chronicles 27:6-22. 

NIB Commentaries aren’t particularly interested in this.  Google searching is difficult because the phrase refers to a movement associated with the Church of the Latter Day Saints.

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