Psalms catch up

Psalm 7 is about seeking safety and wanting vengeance.

Psalm 27 speaks to me of confidence.  It also has an interesting theological note, I will live in the house of the lord all of my days.  Hmm, so not after he dies, but all of his days.

Psalm 31 is about anguish. It even has the psalmist say, “Into your hands, I commit my spirit.”

Psalm 34 is about loyalty to God and includes “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

Psalm 52 is more hopeful.

Psalm 56 is also about loyal and include the phrase I walk in the light of the God.

Psalm 120 is a short little sad ditty.

Psalm 140-142 keep me safe from the enemies, don’t let me sin, keep me safe from enemies.

Okay, now I’m still but only still one day behind in my reading.

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