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Do you think Jesus was fun to hang out with?

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I can not imagine he was any fun. I mean he might wash your feet, but if you’re spending the day with him, you’re not going to get access to any creative financial instruments, you have to swing by the leper district, and you never know when local law enforcement is going to crash the place and start literally crucifying people.

Then again, you’re probably pretty well-fed, you *never* run short on booze*, and he doesn’t mind picking up the odd prostitute from time to time.

Hmm…. potential torture and death… free booze and hookers…

good question.


* a problem at your big ceremonies if your wedding was any indication

Not offensive and I was clearly soliciting such a response before my uber heavy Rick Warren post.

Although, I do mean it as a real question. From what we have in the Gospel descriptions, would it have been fun on a day to day basis to follow Jesus.

Only if you were not a part of the establishment. He was only fun for people like you and Matt who like to break with orthodoxy. He would only have been fun to hang out with if you could handle very direct communication; if you were secure enough to survive the hot seat when he called you out on whatever you were hiding. He would have only been fun if you had a fondness for honesty.

He was very clever with words and images, and it seems he was extremely bright. Those are necessary qualities for a sense of humor, so I’m pretty sure he could be very funny. We’re still looking for his joke book — someday I suspect we’ll find it. He had his own limitations and would listen when someone called him on them.

I’m thinking a day with Jesus would leave me wanting more, even if I was uncomfortable with some of it. You could do worse.

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