Regional Assembly: Dept. of Peace

This weekend I attended a gathering of Arizona Disciples called Regaional Assembly. It was a wonderful event that gave me an opportunity to catch up with many members of the denomination who I only see at events like this.

One of the workshops I went to was put on by Terri Mansfield from the Arizona Department of Peace movement. Website I learned a couple of things about the movement, which I’m ashamed to admit I though was invented by Dennis Kucinich. I learned that the first mention of such a department was by in 1792 by Benjamin Rush wrote an extraordinary essay titled “A Plan of a Peace Office for the United States”. More here. I also learned that they work with reconciliation in domestic matters as well as foreign matters.

What ocurred to me during the workshop was how easy it is to have an impact on the political process, if you really believe in what you’re pushing for. It is the kind of stuff that makes me hopeful.

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