This selection is the Book of Ruth.  According the NVI introduction, this is a play and serves to nicely bridge the pre-monarch period with the monarch period. 

The following detailing Naomi’s daughter-in-law Ruth’s devotion to her really is poignant.

Pero Rut respondió:
―¡No insistas en que te abandone o en que me separe de ti!
»Porque iré adonde tú vayas,
y viviré donde tú vivas.
Tu pueblo será mi pueblo,
y tu Dios será mi Dios.
Moriré donde tú mueras,
y allí seré sepultada.
¡Que me castigue el Señor con toda severidad
si me separa de ti algo que no sea la muerte!

Your God will be my God, I will die where you die.  Ruth 1:16-17.
As with Job, the Book of Ruth, seems to challenge a major contention.  In this case, ethnic purity.  King David–and therefore, Jesus btw–has a Moabite in his lineage.  Quite a counter culture reference. 

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