September 11, 2008

I haven’t had the necessary interesection of time and ideas to allow blogging in a while. But here is something pretty powerful from my wife, Pat:

“To change a generation or a nation, we must look to the child, who is omnipotent.” Maria Montessori

Today, pray for the children whose lives changed this morning
For those who waited for moms and dads that never came home, especially Bobby,
For Bryce, and all the children who started building towers of blocks and flying airplanes into them
For Braeden and all the children who started counting America flags on the way to school
For James, who was searched and had to turn his gameboy for airport security
For Addie, almost 6 years old, who will ask why we are having a moment of silence today
For all of our children who live in a new world that began today

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