Public Speaking

So far my public speaking has been limited to filling the pulpit for Arizona Disciples churches and providing guidance to Arizona progressives.  I've only captured the former on electronic media.  If you would like a sampling, here are some sermons I've preached over the years:  From Cooling Magma to Connection with the Almighty (2013), Facing The Sin of Privilege (2017), Thorns & Thistles (2017)


Guided Small Group Discussion

I find engaging, interactive discussion to be exhilarating.  For that reason I love the exchange of ideas in a court room during oral argument.  But I also love directing small group discussions--really about any topic.  The rules of the discussion are simple, (1) everyone reads the material we're discussing, (2) we talk about ideas contained therein, not the people expressing the ideas, and (3) the leader (me) only asks questions.

A sampling of how I address topics--although not a small group discussion itself--can be found by listening to the podcast I do with Reverend Abigail Conley called "Bloody Mary Bible Brunch."