WARNING: This post contains material not suitable for human consumptions. This a web video produced to support Elizabeth Dole’s bid for re-election. [The ad has been taken down from Youtube.] Dole ties Hagan to the Godless America PAC as follows: one of several sponsors of a fundraiser for Hagan, served on the board for the Godless America PAC. It is the exact trick of guilt by super attenuated association used by Republicans attacking Obama. It makes me sick to my stomach, but if you’d like to see it, here is the ad.

Here is what Hagan had to say about this crap. Oh yeah, and she’s suing Dole for libel and defamation. [CBS story here.] From, Willy Horton, Swift Boat Veterans, A triple amputee is Osama bin Ladin, to Obama’s a Terrorist, this is a Republican problem. All politicians are not the same when it comes to smear pieces. The current Rovian incarnation of the Republican Party will say literally anything to get elected. There are completely immoral, unchecked thugs. It is time for Republicans to start saying this is enough. This is wrong. And it is time for the liars and hate mongers to start paying damages.

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