So easily manipulated

Okay, look, I don’t like George Bush. I think his is a bad guy; I think he is an awful president. But I didn’t post this just to revel in his demise. Something that bothers me about this graph is how easy it is for a president to improve his approval rating. September of 2001, sure his numbers go up. We didn’t know much about him. Some of us thought he stole an election, but most of us didn’t think so. We were attacked and showed solidarity. But why the invasion of Iraq? Why does going to war make you popular. And why was the political campaign of Nov. 2004 so successful? Nothing great happened then. Even Nov. 2002 saw a bump. It is a frustrating reality that what we are told to think is so much more powerful than what is happening before our eyes.

It is interesting that in 2006 the ride was over, and he actually became less popular, presumably as a result of the Democrats efforts. Again, no because the Iraq war suddenly became less winnable, or the environment was more ignored, or the borders were more open or less humane, or the government was more corrupt. I guess you can’t ask people to spend all their time thinking.

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