St. Baldrick’s: Litany of the Saints

Today, I’m kicking off my fundraising for St. Baldricks and would like to present a litany of the Saints that have made this event special to me.

St. Nathan – a special boy about whom I only know snipits. I know that while vacationing with a big group of us in a Scottsdale house, he could not get enough of the swimming pool. I know that Ode to Joy was his favorite hymn and that Fred was his favorite Scooby Do character; I know he died too young.

St. Matt – my friend who first started shaving his head to raise money for cancer research in response to Nathan’s diagnosis. Matt is responsible for guiding us to this positive response to the tragedy that is cancer.

St. Beth – my friend who obtained a grant from St. Baldrick’s foundation to research medicine important for childhood cancer treatment. Beth is responsible for giving me that knowledge in my gut that this money is doing good work.

St. James – my son who agreed to shave his head to help the cause as well. James is responsible for inspiring me to continue even when I become worried that my asking for money is becoming a drag for my friends.

St. Jeremy – a boy from my youth group who agreed to shave his head for the cause. Jeremy’s hair was so beautiful that when the barber began to shave his head there was an audible gasp at the outdoor venue. Jeremy could only participate one year because he lost his life is a senseless act of violence involving a gun; Jeremy died too young.

St. Alex – Jeremy’s brother who was never one for crowds or attention. Nonetheless, he agreed to shave his head for the cause in Jeremy’s place. Alex is responsible for me understanding that there is courage in this world that I can only witness.

I will not list the donors individually, but I am humbled each year by those who give to this cause. Thank you all for your past support; and thank you for giving again this year. To give, follow the link on the right side of the page.

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