Stand Up Against Evil

A Christian student at Liberty University constructed a car bomb to use against protesters at Falwell’s funeral. The protesters he was concerned with were not leftists, but other Christians who protest the funerals of soldiers. In the ’80s and ’90s Christian terrorist made a concerted effort to attack abortion clinics.

These are not just acts of Christians, they are acts that the particular Christians believe to be an expression of their faith. The question is, but for Christianity, could these things occur? But for Islam, could you have so called honor killings?

It is a sobering question for me. But this much I know, as a Christian it is my obligation to stand up to this kind of evil. I must denounce everyone who would use violence in the name of the faith. As inclined as we are to be tolerant and accepting–indeed without these ideals in the Christianity that I practice I would probably not be Christian–we must nonetheless have the courage to condemn this violence. What is more, I believe we must condemn the ideology that leads to it.

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