Everyone has a 168 hours per week to spend on whatever they like. Like most people, I schedule much of my week ahead. So, for example, I schedule 45 hours of work and 10 hours of commute every week. I schedule about 50 hours a week for sleep. That still leaves a very impressive 63 hours at my disposal. And with that in mind, I tend to pack more planning into the week. I often have one or two two-hour meeting either for church or charity board or professional organization. I’ve been trying to do four hours a week of walking. I usually eat breakfast and dinner in the same room if not at the same time as my family. And, Sunday is church followed by youth group followed by dinner at the in-laws.

I am generally very pleased with living a happy full life. But the problem comes when something suddenly takes more time than budgetted to it. The problem I constantly struggle with is how to have enough stuff in my life during non-disaster periods that I’m not bored without having so much stuff that when the disaster comes I am completely overwhelmed. I have not mastered it.

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I think that is what hobbies are for. Some project that you enjoy that doesn't HAVE to be done, but gives you a sense of fullfillment. Something to fill your time when you have time, but that does not suffer if your responsibilities require more time than you had budgeted.

Beth, that is really insightful. I have a hobby or two–including blogging for instance–and have always seen such things as valuable, but I never recognized it as a solution to this problem. It makes so much sense.

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