A True Story?

I have the following confessions to make about the last post:

1. My father, the person with whom I made these trips, has never gone by “JimI”.
2. I met Matt & Co. at the Giordano’s in SW Chicago, not Evanston.
3. I met John at a Steak & Shake in W Lafayette, not Oakwood.
4. I visited the family twice, once before going to Chicago and once after, both visits were before I saw John.
5. There is no way hugging accounted for 25% of my time visiting with the family.
6. In both parenthetical remarks, I really have no idea if anyone but me was thinking of those people.

I also made some significant omissions in the last post:

1. I visited Matt & Beth. I visited with Beth as much as I did with Matt.
2. In additions to politics & science we talked about selecting schools for our children and what Beth would do once their youngest started first grade and about the origins of Waldorf versus Montessori methods.
3. The family in first parenthesis should have been referred to as “Luke and Susan’s” family.
4. My mother went with us on both visits to the family.
5. The family in the second parenthesis should have also included Danny.

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