Veterans Day (Chronicles Style)

James E. Barton II served on U.S.S. Billfish (SSN 676) from 1995 to 1998; his service was sincere but uneventful. He was an officer. His father, James E. Barton, served in the U.S Air Force 1968 until 1971. He guarded Air Force bases in Vietnam and did not enjoy questions from his children about whether he had killed any one. In Vietnam, he was exposed to Agent Orange which years later caused his death. His father, Harrison D. Barton, served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. Harrison Barton’s wife, had a sister Lucille who was in the Navy during WWII. She was a WAV. The father of James E. Barton’s wife was named Rodney T. Watkins and he served in the Army during World War II; he went overseas, but nothing else is known of his service. The father of Harrison Barton’s wife was named Neil Kershner, and he served in the Army with “Blackjack” Pershing’s Rainbow Division. He fought Poncho Villa in the Southwest, and remained with the division to fight in Europe in World War I. His campaign medal remains with the family to this day. There are relatives who we believe fought in the Civil War but the records are not clear. Some claim that the Arnold side of the family is related to a Revolutionary War general.

Harrison D. Barton had six sons, who all served in the military. Neil D. Barton was a quartermaster in the U.S. Navy. Harry T. Barton was in the U.S. Navy, although he wandered a bit from basic training to his duty station. Harry T. had two sons: Harry Barton and Doug Barton who were both in the Air Force. Doug Barton had a son named Caleb. Caleb joined the U.S. Marines during a time of war and he is serving as a Marine today. Ooh Rah. James E. Barton, was in the Air Force. He had one son, James Barton II, who served in the Navy. Danny Barton was in the Navy. Gary Barton was in the Army as a store keeper. Gary had a son, Gary Allen Barton, who was in the Army National Guard. He was a paratrooper and trained as a cook and a sniper. He served for eight years and was disappointed his unit was sent to Iraq after he left. Mark Andrew Barton was in the Navy. He served on an air craft carrier where he never saw the light of day. He was a radioman.

This is a list of some of the relatives of JimII who have served in the military.

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