What does resurrection mean?

Pastor Linda Miller provided a couple of powerful messages on the meaning of resurrection this Easter. She had the opportunity to speak about it in the presence of a crowd of baptisms–six at our little church of not many more than 100 members. My daughter was the first to pass through the baptismal water on that brisk morning, which added to the emotion of the day for me. The fact that Linda and I had both lost our fathers between last Easter and this one mattered too. The forty-eight hours between noon on Friday and noon on Sunday were filled with intense focus on death and rebirth. Death is necessary for rebirth. Letting go is necessary for resurrection.

These are the half formed ideas swirling in my head this Easter.

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Kate was angelic. I wish I could describe the love that rushes up in me for her — for your whole family. I’m especially happy that she was the first to be baptized in our new baptistery. Allelujah!

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