When we were children

The remarkable thing about this photograph is that Pat & I were actually younger than this at some point in our life. It is more than a little shocking.

I think Facebook has the potential to be quite a time suck.

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These comments were all from people who know me now. Thus, it is not so much that time has faded out the bad stuff as time has packed on many pounds of the bad stuff.

And for the record, it is in fact mildly nerve wracking to ponder what exactly one’s high school girlfriend might be thinking about when she writes about the bad stuff fading. Although, not so nerve wracking that I would like to know the answer.

I wasn’t speaking of you when referring to “bad stuff”, just to memories in general. I feel like mine is made of Swiss cheese; people say, “Do you remember such-and-such?”, and I truly don’t.
Life has chosen to teach me to live for the here and now. My husband is totally unable to form new memories at this time, so all we have is what we are doing right this minute. So, I try to make life as enjoyable as possible and not dwell on too much negativity. Sorry, I think I stepped on a soapbox….

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