Work in Progress

Here are some ideas I’d like to work into the sermon:

The hard work after Easter does requires courage.

A little bit of the that is to stand up to powerful detractors. (I’m not sure about this, poor me the embattled progressive Christian?) Maybe as a brief jumping off point.

The hardest work, that requires the most courage, is examining our own belief systems.

Evangelism is one path that has taken me to the issue. People are afraid to talk about their faith, and a source of that trouble is not being clear on our beliefs. So their churches don’t grow or don’t influence the world. Etc.

I changed it to ‘clear’ from ‘certain.’ I feel pretty clear on what I believe, but I am not certain about lots of things. For example, I’m clear on what I think about the afterlife. (1) It is not the purpose or focus of Jesus’ message and (2) I have no idea what the afterlife is. I’m 100% agnostic on the afterlife. I don’t know if it exists or not; I know its existence or nonexistence does not affect me.

So, not working through stuff like, what does faith mean? what does resurrection mean? what does God mean? is bad because it inhibits our ability to tell people the good news we’ve found at church. But that badness is minuscule in comparison to the badness of not having a fully formed/forming faith. The death of a movement is not as terrifying as the death of a life unexamined.

From Resurrection to Revolution may have been a better title. Hmm.

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