So, here is the headline that caught my attention, “Hate Crimes, Racist Incidents Escalate After Obama’s Election” The article is here. I started thinking, “Man, I wish people would be more careful with this stuff.” I thought that because I seriously doubt whether anyone knows if hate crimes are on the rise. Sure, people have some compelling stories, but are they really on the rise, or are they just being showcased? It will be months until an credible method of monitoring such things will be available.

Then, I started reading the comments and the first person to post complained about the lack of outrage about the Prop 8 protesters attacking the Mormons. “What,” I thought, “is the matter with people? It took like 10 seconds on google to find people in the GLBT community calling for an end to this. Lots of people object to this behavior”

Then I looked a little further down, and people were justifying the violence against Mormons because “they are not Christians.” Uh, they are Christians, and since when is it okay for Christians to attack non-Christians.

Are you kidding me!

So, I think the deal here is that most people are decent, not crazy people. Looking at stuff on the web can be like watching local news that reports a fire everyday, even if it’s a fire from another state. I may need to stop reading comments on popular blogs.

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