A Cool Study

The Pew Forum has a really cool study, or probably several, about the attitudes of Americans toward Religion and Politics. If you are like me and have decided to kill some time because you’re too hungry to think and are meeting someone for lunch, you should check it out.

I found it full of surprises, but this was not surprising. In its introduction the study presented some national barometer questions to see how the country feels about religion in general. It said, have liberals gone too far to keep religion out of government and have conservatives gone too far to impose their values on the country. I dream of a day when the questions will be, “Have religious liberals gone too far in advocating for the poor?” and, “Have religious conservatives gone too far in advocating against abortions?” Or switch peace for poor and pornography for abortions. I’d like that because (1) I don’t think liberals or conservative are inherently more religious, and (2) I wish liberal religion tried to impose its beliefs on the country a little more.

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