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I just signed up as a “delegate” at Jesus in 2008. The idea is pretty neat, frame various issues and ask commenters to suggestion where Jesus would stand on the issue. I think the webpage would be a wonderful tool for an adult Sunday school class or discussion group. However, I was not impressed with the discussion. Individual comments seemed pretty long, such that even with only 20 or so posts, I got bored before I finished them all. That means what I wrote was just another unconnected opinion rather than a part of a conversation.

Of course, I only enjoy reading the blogs of people I know well. I really love to see it when people have posted a comment here. But on CNN, or God’s Politics, or Atrios, I don’t know why I ever look at them.

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I disagree. Jesus didn’t want to be a part of the establishment, true. He didn’t want to become a Pharisee for instance, which would have been a path to political power in his position.

On the other hand, he absolutely cared about wealth and power. He said that the poor should have more care and it should come from the rich. He supported redistribution of wealth, way more than me or any other lefty walking around today.

He also believe in equal treatment of outcasts like the sick, women, and non-Jews.

He was a political dissident which is why he was crucified by Pilot and not stoned by Caiphas.

The quote about Ceasar is cleverly turning a question about taxes into a question about authority. He ducked the question about whether they should break the law and turned it into a lesson about whose the people of Israel were: answer God’s, not Ceasar’s.

This social reformer side of Jesus, is I think the biggest distinction between Jesus’ message and Buddha’s.

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