Is the Bible Literally True?

The majority of Christians answer yes to this question. I would find it a hard question to answer as it is. And I suspect others are similarly torn, although I would seriously doubt that changes the majority opinion. So, let me begin with something that is easy. Portions of the Bible that by their very terms, by the words on the page, are not intended to be read as news stories or histories. They are myths.

Myths: Myths are the most important thing the Bible gives us. Myth is a crucial component in society. Myth defines who we are and gives us direction. I hate that myth has been used to mean untrue story. Myths are stories that help us understand our world.

I find it absurd to believe that either creation story, Noah’s Arc, the Tower of Babel, Jonah, Job, etc. are histories. They aren’t. If someone is reading them like a history, they are probably missing some of the key points. So, is the the story of God asking Man to name all of the animals true? Yes. Humans have a special role in relation to animals. Yes. Men and women usually have a special relationship with each other. Yes. We have a responsibility to care for our world.

Did God Almighty take human form and discuss things with the first human? Did God walk through a garden and was unable to find his creation? No. What are you even talking about? Read the story again, and this time try to figure out what it is saying.

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