It’s Hero Time

This is the way I see it: the Democratic Primary has become about whether Obama can be elected president. Obama is doing everything he can to say he can; Hillary Clinton is doing everything she can to say he can’t. That is the problem; a party leader is spending months making the case that our eventual nominee is unelectable. It is why the voters are tired. It is probably why Obama is tired. I don’t know what Obama can do other that weather the storm and hope that he doesn’t come out too damaged.

But I’m not a hero. Obama could be. I am looking for him to do something heroic. I’m looking for him to do something that it doesn’t seem like he can do. I want him to dig deep in his soul and find the courage and the strength to transform the tone of the campaign and to call us to something great.

Maybe he can’t do it. Maybe he’ll be a regular candidate and win a close race against John McCain. I just hope he’s more than that. We could really use the hope.

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Well expressed. HClinton certainly seems willing to sink the party for her own goals.

I think it may be time for another enormous speech, his specialty, well-publicized with the inspiring closing notes of O Fortuna soaring in the background, where he promises to rise (and raise us) above.

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