Joshua Generation

I attended a forum put on by the Arizona Democratic Party’s faith-based outreach group last night. Representatives from the Edwards, Clinton and Obama campaigns attended and presented their candidate’s perspective on faith and/or how their faith influenced their politics.

The representative for Edwards kicked things off by saying he didn’t go to church, but knew that John was a Southern Baptist. He focused on John’s work on poverty, which is certainly in line with Christian values. He also talked about how Edwards initially had a problem with gay marriage, but Elizabeth had shown him the light on the subject.

The representative for Clinton was very informed about issues. She talked about Clinton’s work in her church and noted that Hillary kept her faith to herself, but that did not mean her work, particularly defending the rights and improving the lives of women and children, was an expression of her faith. Very good.

I don’t remember the names of the other surrogates, but former Arizona State Senator Sandra Kennedy represented Obama. She focused on Obama stance in favor of peace, and his work building communities. Like Barack, she was very comfortable speaking in terms of faith. At one point, she talked about how Joshua had to continue the work of Moses. For those who don’t know, Moses lead the people out of the desert, but could not cross into the promise land. It was Joshua who led the people into Israel. Then she said, “As members of the Joshua Generation, we need to continue the work.”

I love the idea of the Joshua Generation. With the 1960’s as the Moses Generation I guess.

They actually pretty much reflected my impression of the candidates. John, the champion of the poor. Hillary, the deliberate and competent manager. Barack, the inspirational leader.

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