I attended a dinner put on by the Arizona Black Bar last night. It is always strikes me how close we are to overt, your-kind-are-not-welcome-here racism. Of course, while being shocked at how far we’ve come is such a short time, we cannot ignore persistent disparity. Consider the following:

63 percent of black applicants to law schools are rejected by every institution to which they apply, leaving them substantially more likely to “never make it in the front door” than white applicants, who score higher on average on the LSAT and have a 35-percent rejection rate. He cited statistics from the American Bar Association showing a recent decline in the black share of the enrollment of the nation’s law schools, from 7.6 percent in the 1995-96 academic year to 6.8 percent in 2006-7.

So, one in three white applicants, but two in three black applicants, cannot get into any law school. full article

This statistic came up a couple of times last night, as did the impact of the stressing the LSAT. More on this later.

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