Liberal Christian

It occurs to me that describing oneself as being liberal AND Christian means something different from being a liberal Christian. For example, a person could be a conservative Christian in the sense that he or she believed things like Christianity is the only path to salvation, the Bible can only be read literally, etc. yet be a political progressive in the sense that he or she wanted to see the government care for the poor and protect God’s creation. Indeed, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere there are pretty clear mandates from Jesus to help the poor. Even advocating for government to stay out of private affairs such as end of life and beginning of life issues would not be inconsistent with a conservative christianity.

I happen to be a liberal Christian in that I believe that the faith should evolve over time, we cannot read the Bible literally, and that Christianity is one of many paths to God. I am ALSO politically progressive. Because I hold the poitical opinions that I ascribed to my hypothetically conservative Christian.

Anyway. I think it is an interesting distinction.

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