Mixing it up

There are several really great things about Chalice Christian Church. For one, it is a community of thinking people. For two, it is a community dedicated to doing good works for the larger community. But another great thing about Chalice is the way it experiments with church structure. One of those experiments can be seen in section 3.6 of its by-laws:

Term of Service: With the exception of paid employees and staff of the Church,no member shall serve in a given position as Officer, Elder, Deacon, Teacher or Team Leader for more than three consecutive years. Such members may serve in a new capacity. This process will generate openings for others to satisfy a calling to a given ministry and will allow each member to more fully explore his or her gifts.

I have really taken this to heart. When for whatever reason I need to take a break from doing something at the church, I try to replace it with something new. This Sunday I switched from teaching the junior high and high school students to teaching children 5 – 11 years old.
Teaching the high school students was one of the most rewarding things I did Sunday after Sunday for the last few years. Teaching the younger kids was equally great. In some respects they were easier than the high school kids. They sang along with the songs I lead. They listened to the story as long as I kept things short. On the other hand I had to be much more prepared. I could not just count on engaging them in conversation. But whatever the age, there are few things as fulfilling and enjoyable as exploring my faith with a group of curious people.

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