My World View

We all have a certain world view that is the context for information we receive on a topic. This is my world view on the role of religion and social justice.

Religions has concerned much more than social justice, but for the vast majority of history: social justice has been the product of religion. In the very recent past, the thinkers and social justice fighters largely left the religion. Two ills have come of that: 1) Religion has slowed (and for most stopped) adapting to meet the needs of the world and 2) Efforts for expanding social justice have failed to take root.

Just a passing thought.

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I noted your comment on the Media Matters report on skewed representation of religious viewpoints. You’re right on the money. I’ve been trying to get progressive people of faith to utilize modern media as effectively as do the extreme conservatives. It’s amazing the lack of understanding of modern communications, and it’s impact on society.

I served as media coordinator for a recent event and we got some bounce in the media. You might be interested.



I would be interested. I will say getting bounce in the media is pretty tough for churches the size that I attend. Getting over the noise is close to impossible, which is why we focus on encouraging progressives to be more open with their faith in social settings.

My congregation also focuses on inviting people to come to mission projects such as feeding the hungry or putting water out for those crossing the desert of Arizona or moving a refugee family. Such events are easier to invite people to than church.

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