National Sabbath

Should the United States have a day in which all but essential services are required to close? A friend of mine from Germany pointed out that her parents are shocked to come her, where they know everyone goes to church, only to find so many people working on Sunday. They feel terrible for those people.

Should we have the courage to set one day aside and banish the pursuit of capital during that day?

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Should it not be any religion’s Sabbath? What if we required everything to close on From 4 a.m. Tuesday to 4 a.m. Wednesday?

7 thoughts on “National Sabbath”

  1. Should we have the courage to set one day aside and banish the pursuit of capital during that day?

    God no! Why?

    Note: I wrote my immediate reaction, which was phrased exactly as I wrote it. I decided not to censor the Lord’s name as it lent a striking irony.

  2. I think there may be value in resting. I think the idea of abstaining from the pursuit of wealth for a day is good for people.

    I also expected your reaction based on your frustration with things closing in Evanston, back a 100 years ago when we all lived there.

  3. If one needs to rest, one can go get in to bed without ruining my whole life.

    When I need something, not having a store open is going to undo any benefit to my having an imposed rest.

    In fact, that might stray into a serious discussion into the basic mind set that makes me a libertarian and you a liberal. The idea that people get together and discuss (let alone decide and impose) their thoughts about what is good for (other!) people is an outrage to me. It’s profoundly democratic of you, and it’s the pure evil of democracy taken to its extreme — if 50%+1 person wants to make a sabbath, the minority gets screwed because the nanny state knows what’s good for people to focus on.

  4. Directly to your point, and I must say I’m enormously sympathetic to this author as he was quick to mock the woman who talked about the “new voice inside” or whatever nonsense that was all about.


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