The Promised Land

Chalice Christian Church, a place where questions are as important as answers, has spent almost a decade wandering in the desert. In her time as a sojourner, Chalice has resettled refugees from Viet Nam, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Iraq. She has held discussions on process theology and the authorship of the Bible. She has served hundreds of people at Paz de Cristo. She has brought water to the border for other wanderers. She has taken a stand against the discrimination of gays, lesbians, bisexuals & transgender persons. I love this church; it is a place where I have found salvation from an ordinary and unexamined existence. It is a place where I have found the fresh air and cool water of the Gospel.

This Sunday, for the first time, Chalice Christian Church will bless a building of its own at 15303 S. Gilbert Road, Gilbert, AZ 85299. This building will be a tool for us. We will use it for ministries that we could not do in borrowed and rented space. It will provide a central point, a launching pad. We have our footing, and I look forward to the new possibilities.

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