The Rest of the Story

Click here to hear about the afterlife from my Dad.

I wonder if you tear up if you don’t know him.

CLARIFICATION: This interview was taped last month, before Dad’s doctor told him that the cancer was gone, and of course, before Grandma’s doctors told her there was nothing more they could do.

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Well, because this post is called “the rest of the story” I had to go back one, to yesterday’s. I did tear up — while reading your wonderful reflection on the Ecclesiastes passage. Because I know you, I guess, and therefore “hear” as I read your words the depth of their meaning and imagine your voice cracking a little from their import. Resting in that reading, as I listened to Jim I’s own voice speaking with assurance and what sounds like confident peace, I am comforted.

We so often struggle against death in all its forms and use hope like an instrument, stubbornly wedging it between ourselves (or the one we love) and the ultimate possible final outcome, like a defense. And we imagine and worry over this idea of heaven (or afterlife) to distract ourselves from death, like we could skip over the hard part and go straight to the goodies.

Here is what I know from knowing you: The reverence with which you describe your grandmother and the elements of her being that fill you with pride — those things are reflected in your being. You are obstinantly non-sexist, a reflection of her living? With boldness you have launched new careers without looking back for a safer place to stand, a reflection of her courage and her knowing where she needed to be?

And then there is the simple eloquence of your dad’s words, spoken before the latest news that there is no visible sign of cancer. I hear his quiet conviction and it reminds me of the clarity with which you regularly name the things you deeply believe.

And I understand resurrection to be an everyday thing. And I am grateful that these two live in you.

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