Something entirely not scientific

Prayer is hard, I want to get back to social justice. Here is something not scientific at all:

Mentions in the New International Version of the Bible based on searches at Bible Gateway

Peace — 247
Heal — 182
Poor — 172
widow — 103
sex — 56
marriage — 49
abomination — 8
childbirth — 7
homosexual — 1
abortion — 0

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Your point is clear, but perhaps “abortion” is too modern a term for even a translated bible. Not that it appears, but there are references to terminated pregnancies that could be termed “unintended abortion” in today’s language.

I tried to use childbirth as a proxy, but you’re absolutely right. There are scriptures that right-to-life folks quote.

Frankly, it is pretty shady to title a post not scientific and then put a bunch of numbers in it to imply you’re being objective. Kind of like having a show on Comedy Central that allows you to take brutal shots at politicians and then say, “What! I’m just a comedian, my show follows puppets.”

All true. But your point is 100% true, the Bible’s message is not very much about abortion and when life begins, in fact it’s barely mentioned, and when it is, it’s tucked into the sections that even the very radical right ignore, like when it’s okay to stone people to death.

So I think it still stands that we need to show that certain sects of any religion cherry pick what they want the central message to be, and then blow that point up to the point of absurdity, when it is clearly not the intent of any author that this be the main topic of conversation about the religion.

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