Something Pretty

The apparent God is important to me, and this poet captures that idea well.

A Christmas I Never Knew

The sun ascends
into my patio window
from over the Superstition
Mountains; for a short while
a slender beam
spreads into the mass
of tangled branches
of a Mesquite at our back wall.

Are the delicate limb-endings
dancing in a slight breeze?
Or is light tapping from leaf
to leaf, yet perhaps breaking
into creation? Cold is warming:
Advent is trailing into the birth
of Winter’s solstice.

From my lounger, I wonder
about a babe in a manger:
a search for a pearl of great price,
a widow’s mite and gold, incense
and myrrh hidden in the dung
on a stable’s floor.


I dig the way the poet moves you from his back yard to stable floor. Seeing advent as a natural warming is powerful. Kind of gives me chills.

If you’d like to read more of Jim Corner’s stuff, his poetry list serve is on the right.

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