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This post has no study behind it. It is just a wondering. I wonder if the rate of abortions, divorces and violent crime typically rise together. I wonder if they are related to despair. I also wonder if despair is more driven by absolute economic well-being, i.e. how well are your physical necessities are met, and how much time for recreation you have, or whether it is more driven by disparity in wealth, i.e. how good is your life compared to your neighbors.

Just wondering.

[Probably as helpful as Larry Summers’ wondering about women, math, and physiology. see this, and this. (The second one has what he actually said.)]

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I think people get more religious during uncertain times.

Could people get *less* violent and willing to perform abortions when the times seem more dangerous as a reaction to environment?

Then again, there are good studies to suggest normative behavior influences.


“I also wonder if despair is more driven by absolute economic well-being. . . .”

There seems to be some interesting support for this hypothesis in research on how a mother’s stress during pregnancy affects the sex of her child. According to this article: “In rich countries the chances of [a baby] being a boy are about 5% higher than in poor ones.”

I don’t know about abortion, divorce, and violent crime but apparently economic lack, considered globally, is a major contributor to stress.

David Johnson, Chandler Arizona


Interesting. I will seek out some of those studies. There are so many abortion studies, by so many suspect groups, I bet crime rates are the best to start with.


That’s interesting. Economic lack probably goes toward the absolute status rather that disparity, right? Of course, there may be more economic disparity in poor countries than in rich depending on how you look at it.

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